Research and Development

The Research and Development (R&D) at Anna Adarsh College for women is a pioneering initiative that embodies our commitment to academic brilliance and innovative exploration. Established in the year 1985, the R&D cell has rapidly emerged as a dynamic hub for cutting edge research and intellectual advancement.

Since its inception, the R&D cell has proudly witnessed the graduation of numerous Ph.D., and M.Phil., Students. These accomplished scholars stand as a testament to the quality of research and academic rigor fostered within our institution.


Navigating Knowledge Horizons: Our Specialized Departments With Expert Mentors


Our research initiatives span across four specialized departments- The Postgraduate and Research Department of Commerce (Full-Time & Part-Time), Department of Public Administration (Full-Time & Part-Time), Department of English (Part-Time), and Department of Physical Education (Part-Time). These Departments serve as crucibles for interdisciplinary exploration, fostering an environment where ideas are nurtured and collaborations flourish.

Moreover, our accomplished team of guides from various departments plays a crucial role in mentoring and shaping the academic journey of our students. The wide array of topics ranges from social concerns, sustainable business practices, corporate culture, innovation management, fiscal economic policies, women empowerment, public policy analysis, public unions, literature and cultural studies, Historical dramas & it’s heritage, and sports science.

List of Guides.

Postgraduate and Research
Department of Commerce
Department of English
1. Dr. Anita Raman
2. Dr, B. Sudha
3. Dr. R. Uma
4. Dr. S. Santhi
5. Dr. S. Anitha
6. Dr. K. Shanthi
1. Dr. Archana Sadana
2. Dr. Meenakumari V
Department of Public Administration Department of Physical Education
1. Dr. R. Asha 1. Dr. Suganya R

Empowering Scholarly Excellence: Incentives for Research Publications

At our organization, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and academic achievement. As part of our commitment to excellence, the management actively encourages and motivates staff to contribute to the academic community by publishing and presenting papers in esteemed platforms such as UGC CARE journals, Scopus and Web of Science.

To further amplify this encouragement, Staff members are eligible to receive 50% financial support to present papers in conferences and for publishing in reputable journals.

Academic Year 2022-2023 2021-2022 2020-2021 2019-2020 2018-2019
No. of Publication 76 67 27 21 2


Research and Development

Innovative Research Initiatives and Scholar Well-being:

At the heart of the R&D Cell’s mission is a dual commitment to pioneering research and the holistic well-being of our scholars. Through groundbreaking studies and collaborative projects, our researchers actively confront contemporary challenges, transcending conventional thinking. Simultaneously, the cell serves as a vital support system, nurturing an environment for academic growth and personal development, fostering a dynamic space where innovation thrives hand in hand with individual flourishing.


Scholars Landscape

The R&D Cell presently hosts a vibrant community of researchers. Each member contributes to the diverse and enriching research environment

Department Ph. D Awarded Ph. D Pursuing M.Phil. Awarded M.Phil. Pursuing
Postgraduate and Research Department of Commerce 32 24 57 4
Department of Public Administration 16 5 5 2
Department of English 7


Department of Physical Education 1 3



Anna Adarsh College for Women’s R&D Cell is not just a place for research, it’s a vital space where curiosity thrives, knowledge blossoms, and innovation takes flight.


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